New Medicare Changes for 2021


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Learn How Medicare Works in Goldboro, NC

HICKS & ASSOCIATES Insurance and Financial Services LLC has been guiding people through the process for over 20 years. We help seniors and adults of any age in Raleigh, North Carolina, and beyond become masters of the system.

What Is Medicare?

Medicare is health insurance for seniors 65 and over, and individuals of all ages with certain disabilities and End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD). There are four different types of Medicare plans that are available, including:

Part A (Hospital):
• Inpatient Care In Hospitals
• Skilled Nursing Facility Care
• Hospice Care
• Home Health Care
Part B (Medical):
• Outpatient Care
• Home Healthcare
• Durable Medical Equipment
• Some Preventative Services
• Services From Doctors & Other Healthcare Providers
Part C (Medicare Advantage):
• All Benefits Covered In Part A & B
• Usually Covers Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage Found In Part D
• Run By Medicare-Approved Private Insurance Companies
• May Include Extra Benefits & Services At Additional Costs
Part D (Prescription Drug):
• May Lower Prescription Drug Costs
• Helps Cover Costs of Prescription Drugs
• Run By Medicare-Approved Private Insurance Companies
• Helps Protect Against Higher Prescription Drug Costs In the Future
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Which Option Is Best For Me?

We can help you choose the best option to go along with your original Medicare plan (which includes Part A and B).  We'll go over your needs and match them to the right options and prices.

Medicare Advantage

These plans are an alternative to original medicare with expanded  health choices. Whether HMO, PPO or PFFS,  these Medicare Advantage Plans are offered by approved private companies that combine the best of Part A & B with services from the plan's network of providers. These plans may have extra coverages such as:

• Vision
• Hearing
• Dental
• Prescription Drug Coverage
• Health & Wellness Programs

Medicare Supplement Insurance Policies

Original Medicare doesn't cover all health costs, so Medicare Supplement Insurance Policies are available to cover copayments, coinsurance, and deductibles. Sometimes referred to as Medigap policies, they must follow federal and state laws. It is important not to miss out on your open enrollment or guaranteed issue period if you're considering a supplement. Call today for more information.

Prescription Drug Coverage

Even if you don't have prescriptions now, you should still consider enrolling in a drug coverage plan because when you need it, it might be costly to sign up. You can sign up for Part D, or Part C, which is the Medicare Advantage plan.

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Special Plans

• Special Veterans options available
Tired of waiting in long lines to see a VA doctor? See us for a plan that will help you see a local civilian doctor at no additional cost.

• State Employees
Not satisfied with the companies chosen for you? We have another option available.

• Work-place Transition to Medicare
We can help Medicare eligible people who are leaving their employee-sponsored health insurance transition to Medicare smoothly without using COBRA.

Medicare can be a challenging process to navigate on your own, and it's always changing. Let us put this process in terms you can understand through area workshops or one-on-one appointments. You have rights under the Medicare system, and we can ensure that you fully exercise them.

Finding the Best Plans

We can use your zip code to find the Medicare Advantage, Supplement, or Part D Drug Plan that has everything you need for the least amount of money. This should be done annually because plans always change and prices fluctuate, so you might be eligible for an even better deal. There is no cost to our customers for this service.